Gustavo Sanchez

Fullstack Developer

About me

Gustavo Sanchez

I am an electronics and telecommunications engineer graduated from the University of Cauca in Colombia, with 23 years of experience in pre-sales and sales areas. During the pandemic I wanted to take advantage of my free time and began to learn about the technologies on which the WWW is built today: for a year I learned the fundamentals of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Then I started learning Vite (Frontend Tooling) and TailwindCSS.

Now, I'm learning about node.js and consuming APIs with JS and exploring some tools like (ORM), Azure stack for the development of applications in the cloud and databases such as MongoDB and PostgreSQL for data storage required in the development of full-stack applications. My medium-term goal is to be able to develop full-stack applications for the Internet of Things (IoT) leveraging Azure IoT, Arduino and LoRaWAN.


I've defined my own learning path based mainly in the FreeCodeCamp curriculum including the free challenges of that you can try to improve your skills in the foundation of web development: HTML, CSS and Javascript. You will see my projects or challenges solved in each phase below and any comment or sugestion is welcomed.

Phase 1. Responsive Web Design

Phase 2. JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

Phase 3. Front End Development Libraries

Phase 4. Data Visualization

Phase 5. Back End Development and APIs

Phase 6. Internet of Things (IoT) Applications


Frontend Technologies
Backend and APIs
Databases & ORMs
Development Tools
Deployment Platforms
Internet of Things